For Barbers

  How it all works:

  • Once you Download the app and register you can start using it to book all of your appointments with our easy to use interface on either your phone or tablet. No more scheduling book.
  • When your customers download the free app and link to you using your barber code they  can create their own appointments and get reminders before their appointments.
  • Clients can view your availibilitty LIVE, select the services they want + the date and time they want to come in. They can do this 24hrs a day 7 days a week.
  • Need to cancel and appointment? No problem. Slide to the left on an individual appointment to cancel. The app will notify the client and have them re-schedule all on auto pilot.
  • Based on our testing, more then 85% of your clients will book from there phone instead of calling. This means you can turn customers around faster and provide better customer service as you won't be interrupted to take twice the amount of calls as before.
barber scheduling app
barber scheduling app
Barber Code
barber scheduling app iphone


barber scheduling app

-Download the app from the app store.

barber scheduling app
  • Register as a Barber 
  • Create the Barber Code used to link your clients.
barber scheduling app
barber scheduling app

-Send a message to all your customers with your barber code inviting them to download the FREE app.

  • Customers are NEVER allowed to search for other barbers
  • Without your Barber Code customers can not use the app.



Barber link

Congratulations !

Say goodbye to the secretary work ! :) 

  • Customers can now see what slots are opened and book their own appointments. 
  • the app will confirm and remind them of their appointments.
  • If you cancel an appointment the app will notify your client and allow them to reschedule.
  • You now have access to all your future and previous appointments stored safely on the cloud along with all of your clients information accessible from anywhere at any time. 

Out-tech your competion and wow your customers .. Download today -->