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Update:  Apple has approved the app. Making final changes before launch 

Frequently asked quesions

Below are the most frequently asked questions we encounter and the answer to those questions.  For support or for answers to questions not listed below please contact us.



Why should I pay a monthly subscription?

The money from your subscription goes towards providing all of your customers with unliited FREE apps. For less then $.83 cents a day we are maintaining the system operarional 24/7 for your customers to use. The price also includes ongoing support , improvements , bug fixes and updates that will include new features at no extra cost to you.  As the system grows it is likely that the price will go up, but by signing up today you will lock in the current subscrition rate. Start your free rial today.


Will the prices go up?


Yes. As the system grows it is likely that the price will go up for new subscribers to join.  Current subscribers will not see an increase on there current subscriptions.  By signing up at the curent low payment, you lock in the current price of the subscription for life. ​


Is there a contract to sign?

No. There are no contracts to sign.  We belive you will continue to use our app because it helps improve your customer's experience and increase all around productivity.​  You can cancel any time, for any reason with no penalties. 


How do I cancel?

You can cancel your account right from our website.  ​If you decide to cancel during the 30 day trial , be sure to visit our website for cancellation of your account prior to the expiration day of your trial. Doing so will assure that your account will never be charged. Monthly subscritons are not prorated and will start 30 days after sign up date.


Do my customers have to pay ?

No. The app is free and so is the use of the app.  As a paying member, your clients will only benefit from the service.

Can my customers see all of my bookings ?

No. The app only allows them to see what's available at that time. Only you have secured access to your information on clients and bookings withing your reporting tools.

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