As mentioned before I've learned how really successful barbers manage growth in their business and These are the top 3 advanced skills they apply of many:


  1. Capturing and analyzing the numbers

  2. Organizing their operation

  3. Using technology to create automation

      and retention.

Capturing and analyzing the numbers 

Every business has numbers and these numbers provide the information you need to make key decissions. Instead of just reacting to what happens wouldnt it be better for you to know what decission to make when something arises based on real information ? wouldnt it be better to know what days are slower then others and by how much before you plan any marketing? wouldnt it be beneficial to know which days provide more walkins vs appointments ? what about knowing what your slowest month of the year is?.  Most barbers either dont have an answer to these question or worst dont think its important to know. Others have a general idea of what days are slower then others but dont know the specific details of that slow day or how it compares to the other days.

Lets say for example that andre

the barber thinks that tuesday is

his slowest day. He's a savy guy

so he decides that he will post a

coupon on his facebook page

giving $5 dollars off any haircut

appointments on tuesday.  Tuesday comes around and is just as slow as before and noone claimed his $5 off coupon. So he gives up and just write off tuesdays as a slow day. What andre the barber doesnt realise is that yes tuesdays are slow, but the customers he does get are mostly walk-ins and more specifically new customers. New customers who dont know about andre also dont know about his facebook page, but even if they did most of the traffic on tuesdays are walk-ins not appointments. Had andre known this from the begining he might have instead decided to post something outside to motivate more of the outside traffic to come in that day. Andre could of also planned for tuesdays ahead of time if he knew the numbers. For example : altough andre is slow on tuesday , he is fully booked on mondays and turns people down. Offering customers that call about monday an incentive to instead book on tuesday will allow andre the barber to not only inprove tuesday's numbers but also keep him from turning anyone down on mondays. Dont be clueless about your numbers and dont make decissions like andre the barber. know and analize your numbers to make better decissions that will ultimately inprove your business and promote manageable growth .

John the ultimate barber Hall using an Ipad

to track his numbers

So you realize numbers are important. This leaves you with the next logical question ...  

what numbers should I capture

and why?

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High 5 for taking Action! 

None of the skills below would mean anything if you dont implement, so congrats !

( no credit card or college degree required)

"Entrepreneurs who know their numbers have a tremendous advantage over those who do not." 

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